Dog Rescues – Not Our Focus, WOOF!

* If you have a dog rescue need – our suggestion is find a DOG rescue to help you.

They are far more skilled in that area than our group. *

Kitty Meow Cat Rescue has been involved in the rescue and homing or returning of 12 stray, homeless, or neglected dogs. We have a great team of friends who do dog rescue who have graciously stepped in to help us. Here are few pictures from our rescue involvements.



(previously known as Sweetums and Chompers)

found an adoptive home 🙂

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PRISON PHOTO – Here is Cleo’s dirt prison – no food, no water, no shelter from heat or cold or rain. She was found with an anus so full of fox tails that her entire hind end was infected internally, and her spine has been so damaged over the years she has only limited mobility of her hind end and limited ability to hold her bowels – because her horrible owners failed to provide her vet care, food, shelter, and LOVE!!!           …………..       TO

FREEDOM PHOTO – Our kitty rescuers found Cleo emaciated and endlessly barking behind a high fence in a dirt prison where she had lived alone for years neglected. Animal control was called repeatedly and they did nothing to help her. We snuck her food and water through a hole in the fence for 18 months before we were able to get the right dog rescuer connections to get the “owner” to give her up for a better life… The owner did not even bother to say “goodbye” to sweet Cloe… Our heroic dog rescuer friends were able to dramatically intervene and save her life. She now lives on an animal sanctuary where she is loved and is making great medical and social progress.

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