Laydee Meow has been doing cat rescue in California since 2008, and has done animal rescue since she was a young child. When she was little she wanted to be a veterinarian, however, instead she grew up to serve as a strong advocate for animals, and she now uses those skills to coordinate the work of Kitty Meow Cat Rescue.



Zelne… Meow – our University Campus Coordinator, who works as a strong advocate on local university campuses to have the best possible programs for cats that live on and around college and university campuses. She has been a kitty foster provider for almost 10 years and has rescued dozens and dozens of kittens. She is also masterful in getting kitties adopted and works very hard to get them healthy and then adopted into great forever homes.


Susan II

Susan… Meow – has been doing cat rescue since 2011 with a steady flow of kittens through her house since then. She is warm and compassionate and gentle with so many precious babies needing to be bottle-fed and having so many medical issues. She tenderly cares for each one, makes endless vet runs, and endless medication dosages in order to get even the tiniest rescued kitten up and running and ready for adoption to forever homes. She is great attitude about saving every life and is a tireless advocate for the welfare of animals. She always has a warm open-heart and a warm open-house.


Doug and Boots

Doug… Meow – is an official Kitty Whisperer and can get even the most shy and the most scared kitties to trust humans and become warm and loving pets. He has been an official kitty foster home since 2011, but has been an animal whisperer his entire life. We are so blessed to have him as a part of our team.




Gary… Meow – our TNR Coordinator, since he has extensive experience running a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program for UC Davis and has graciously provided his cat trapping skills and kitty foster care services for the better part of the past 10 years. He is a true kitty whisperer and can calm even the most stressed-out kitty and make even the most shy kitty blossom. We are extremely appreciative for his wisdom and his warm spirit and never-ending commitment to animal health and welfare.


William… Meow – is one of our most masterful kitty fosters as he willingly takes on even the more challenging kitties to socialize them and warm their hearts to that they are able to become loving household companions. We are very grateful for his dedication to save the life of every kitty and to make sure they each have the best life possible. He is a strong asset to our team.

Denna II


Denna… Meow – grew up in a houseful of animal rescuers and has grown into an official cat, dog, and horse rescuer. She has a warm, gentle spirit and the kittens love to cuddle up around her like their surrogate mama. Our rescue feels honored that she would share her talents with our group and help foster our kitties while they look for their forever homes.


Amanda & Donald… Meow – Amanda is a retired firefighter and works as a horse trainer. She loves animals and has been a great foster for stray cats that come from all sorts of very scary situations. She is a great comfort to kitties and helps even the most timid and scared kitties develop trust and learn to play and get along with other animals. She is a strong adoption advocate and has gotten many of even the most challenging kitties adopted into loving homes. We are blessed that her and her husband, Donald, also very sweet and nurturing to the kitties being fostered in his home!

David & Jean… Meow – David and Jean work tirelessly to trap stray cats that have either been lost from their owners or were born outside. They lovingly gather them up and take them to safety 🙂  They are amazing with getting them vetted and determining if socialization and adoption is possible or if the kitty would be better served living out their life back outside as part of our trap-neuter-return program. We are so grateful for all that they do – they are strong advocates for the safety of all animals and they do not shy away from the big challenge of trapping all the strays and getting them all spayed and neutered.


Animal Advocate

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